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A very special portraits are that ordered by Costa Crociere for the two last-born ships of the fleet. Costa Serena - 2007
portrait's particular - professor Forti
above and below: particulars
PAOLO FORTI portrait, full professor in Geomorfology and e Spelaeology at BOLOGNA UNIVERSITY

The painting is devoted to increase the portraits collection kept in the Rectorate.

The canvas is crowded by heterogeneous and apparently chaotic objects, scattered in a "creative confusion", attesting the life style of Paolo Forti, dynamic, not much formal, but essential, pragmatic.
Even though the centre of the pictorial installation is the Observatory Tower of the Bologna University, inscribed in three concentric rectangles, the focus of the portrait are the Forti's eyes (and, therefore, his attitude) always attentive and, at the same time, straightforward to any interlocutor.
particular - the lingam and the cave of Shiva and his partner Parvati
The extraordinary personality of the subject is represented by twenty symbolical elements scattered on four levels: University Life, University Spirit, Spelaeology, Eros.
Last two are linked with Art Love by means of the ivory sculpture belonging to Forti's collection. It shows, simultaneously, the harmony in sex (the lingam and the cave of Shiva and his partner Parvati) and the couple stability.
2008 - Oil, acrylic, alchydic, pencil, golden leaf, on canvas - cm 70x90
the portrait of professor Forti - 2008

The paint is located in the Sherwood Hall Gallery where all the previous College's Wardens are represented.

The work is a deeply symbolic depiction of the person, in his double role: English College's Warden and Archeologist in Italy.

In the left window there is an image of Castiglione Chiavarese valley (Liguria), where Professor Pearce found a prehistorical copper mine. Below, on the sofa there is a speleological-helmet representing the energy of the exploration on the field, in contrast with the sofa, symbol of the reflection times that must to precede and to follow the action.
portrait's particular - professor Pearce
above: particular
the portrait of professor Pearce - 2007 On the right door-window, in logical connection with the left landscape, is depicted the most representative Sherwood Hall building, in its coat of arms there is a oak symbol of the famous Sherwood Forest.
The person don't look at the building (it's a past assignment) nor at Castiglione (it's an achieved experience). He is looking at the infinite, thinking at future researches. The smile is illegible, sardonic, like the real person: serious but ironic; playful but professional; disillusioned but committed.
oil e acrylic on canvas
cm 90x110
In riviera in Barchetta - 2000
In Riviera with Barchetta (portrait of Roberta), 2000
water-colour, cm 28x28 - Series "Driving Women"
For Bixio the portrait is an alibi for going into his own suggestions and to reproduce on the paint the symbols inspired by the person.
The coming works pass over the traditionals iconographical schemas, where the decoration and the location became themselves leading actors of a jigsaw puzzle built by evocations and evolved in a tale.
The frequent neglect use of the name (in the title) and of the nose in the face are distinctives signs.
Milord - 2000
Milord, 2000
water-colour, cm 30x45
The Princess of the purple pearls, 2003
water-colour and gold, cm 28x28
The Princess of the purple pearls - 2003
Sunrise (portrait of Ayça), 2004 water-colour and gold, cm 30x20
Sunrise - 2004
Rita, the artist's wife, 1980
water-colour and pencil sketch, cm 20x23
Rita, the artist's wife - 1980