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Genova in multivision - 2008
above  Genova in multivision, 2008, oil and acrilic on two canvas, cm 50x150
A panorama of the Porto Antico (Ancient Harbour) and the skyline of the city, made by multiple points of view, in horizontal and in vertical, to point out the architectural peculiarities by a hypo-cubist prospective technique.
Trinità dei Monti - 2005 Gardens and Forests - 2002
Gardens & Forests, 2002, water-colour cm 28x31,5
Subject employed by the Antica Manifattura Toscana to produce furnishing cloths
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Trinità dei Monti
2005, oil, acrylic and gold, cm 70x100

Nature, imagined or lived in the first person, is a recurring theme and one particularly felt by the Author, who, quoting Baudelaire, "...moves forward among forests of symbols".
They are the symbols of a utopia where the presence of mankind is not in contrast with the environment, where manufactures melt with nature, cloths have the value of gardens, anthropomorphic landscapes look like precious treasures.
So, in the Artist's imagination, towns, castles, churches, even road signs, become objects well imbedded in an uncontaminated environment.
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Future Town
oil on canvas, cm 100x100
Future Town - 1992
Already in 1992 the author, prefiguring a "Future town" of his own, rejected the idea of an ultimate synthetic Manhattan, proposing on the contrary, a backward escape. The buildings are in Giotto's style as in the Arezzo of St. Francis, but plunged in a forest of road-sign trees that have the same value inside and outside the walls, borrowed from Guell's Park by Gaudì.
A future town according to the Author wishes and not how, perhaps, it will be.
The fire garden - 2006
The fire garden,
water-colour, cm 36x24
Pilgrimage to Mont Sainte Victoire,
water-colour, cm 28x25, and acrylic on canvas, cm 100x100
Portofino in an amber sea,
oil and acrylic on canvas, cm 30x80
Allusions and sensorial impressions suggested by Cezanne's mountain, near Aix en Provence, that he painted in an obsessive manner, and here visited on occasion of the centennial of Cezanne's death. Bixio painted the opposite slope to that one usually represented by Cezanne, to emphasize both the syntony, but also the autonomy in respect to the French master.
Portofino in an amber sea - 2006 Pilgrimage to Mont Sainte Victoire - 2006
Ceneviz Kulesi - 2005 Landscapes are sites of memory where grand sceneries are combined with objects and suggestions that can surface from the unconscious, even after a long time, interlacing remnants from the past with today's cultures.
The artist's experiences in places strongly permeated by historical events, mainly in the Near East, come to the surface with strength.
He has been organizing for many years archaeological expeditions in Central and Eastern Anatolia, looking for underground settlements and studying the civilizations that have produced them, about which he has written various publications.
Ararat - 2001 above
Ceneviz kulesi, 2005
oil and acrylic on canvas, cm 60x60
The three doors of Jerusalem  - 2000
The Genoeses' Tower, or Galata Tower, in Istanbul. It comes out from ancient cloths of Ottoman production, conserved in the local ethnographic museum. It hints at the bond of the Genoeses (both collective and personal) with the Turkish land.
Ararat, 2001
water-colour,cm 28x28
The imposing volcanic cone draped with a nomads' length of cloth.
Sunset in Uchisar, 1998
water-colour and gold, cm 45x30
Landscape of Cappadocia (Central Turkey), a melting pot of civilizations.
The three doors of Jerusalem, 2000
china ink, photocopied and coloured, cm 20x20
Three religious cultures in the same place
Meteore, 1996
water-colour and gold, cm 35x35
A Thessalian site (Greece) where the monasteries surface like appendices from the stone towers.
Sunset in Uchisar - 1998
Meteore - 1996
One evening at Porta Soprana - 2000
One evening at Porta Soprana (Portoria, Genoa)
water-colour, cm 28x28
The walls that enclosed Genoa in the XVI century are here allegorically reconstructed, beginning from one of the still existent gates, assembling ceramic fragments really found during the archaeological excavations performed in town by the Archaeological Service. Evident the reference to Gaudì.
below on the left
Vanished Ripa Maris, 2006 (Sottoripa, Genoa)
Oil and acrylic on canvas, cm 60x60
In the palace line also the buildings destroyed by the bombings are represented (without windows), today replaced by the skyscraper (light-blue).
Vanished Ripa Maris - 2006 Baroque at Badalucco - 1999
Baroque at Badalucco
1999, water-colour and gold, cm 30x45
a lato
The new Ancient Harbour (Caricamento, Genoa)
2006, oil and acrylic on canvas, cm 60x60
Synthetic elements that characterize the ancient harbour after the remaking in occasion of Columbus' manifestations.
The new Ancient Harbour - 2006
The treasure of San Fruttuoso
oil and gold on canvas, cm 70x70
private collection L. Gaggiotti

Small bay of Portofino Mount, in the Ligurian Riviera, where the ancient Doria's abbey is perceived by the author as a jewel set gently among precious drapes that represent the steep slopes enclosed between sky and sea.

The subject has been realized by oil, water-colours, china ink and serigaphy.

The treasure of San Fruttuoso
china ink, cm 35x35
The treasure of San Fruttuoso - 1996
The treasure of San Fruttuoso - 1997
Bright colourings and perspectives strongly characterized, are combined with historical notations, with oneiric and symbolic elements, but with playful intentions, too.
on the side
oil and acrylic on canvas, cm 60x60

Subject utilized for the scenography of Club UNESCO concert in Genoa, on occasion of the 250th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Salzsburg - 2006