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In the Bixio's artistic activity we see the creation of LOGOS for companies, associations, or single events. Also in this case it's prominent the searching of a symbology that pass over the first graphics impression. Here some examples.
L'Albero dei Sorrisi Logo for L'ALBERO DEI SORRISI onlus
The tree of the smiles

This is an association create by companies working in the Liguria's healtcare sphere to give a real support to persons with big economic, medical, environemental and cultural difficulties. The artist thought to adopt the Tree of Life as metaphore of social grow up.
An eastern concept take up by the tradition of ancient Genoeses mezzari, as Genoese is the origin of the initiative. In this case the leafage is stylized, the branches are transformed in spirals, symbol of infinite and dynamicity, to underline the vocation to actively operate for a better future.
The colours, transforming from the orange to the yellow, to the green, to the clear blue, are inspired by the chakra symbology of India's yoga tradition: a voyage to rise from the earth to the sky, from the matter to the spirit, from the body to the mind.
The roots are mirror-depicted inside a container which shape suggest a smile profile (repeated by the branches deploy and by the writing) as a base for the fructification of more new smiles produced by the association's interventions.
two versions

It became from the idea of Leonardo's Vitruvian man applied to the exploring experiences of the client in the underground of Genoa, as a synthesis of the armonic relationship, in this case, between the "hypogean man" and the underground architectural geometries.
It's made of a speleologist silhouette inside two circles tangent to an ellipse, inscribed into a square, that suggests the concentric arches inside the empty supporting structure of the Monumental Bridge, in Genoa, subject of the Centre surveys.
Centro Studi Sotterranei - white Centro Studi Sotterranei - black
Logo for KALEIDO in two versions

A trans-avant-garde pictorial group which name originate from the greek language: kalos "beautiful" and eidos "figure". The symbol is an imaginary castle which chromatic elements, as in a kaleidoscope, form the K of the first letter.

Original graphics, Indian ink and water-colour
Logo Kaleido, Indian ink and water-colour

Tridimensional elaboration by Corrado Leoni
Logo Kaleido, tridimensional elaboration
Logo for A.SCO.L.T.A. project

the acronym means: "domiciliary assistance for cardiac decompensation through the advanced techniques of digital communication"

on the initiative of the company consortium:
CAEN spa
EMAC srl
Laboratorio ARCHA
Scuola Superiore S.ANNA - Pisa
Centro di Eccellenza per l'Ingegneria del'Informazione e Comunicazione (CEIIC) - Pisa
Dipartimento Cardiotoracico e Vascolare, Medicina, University of Pisa
Informatic heart, 2010
Informatic heart, 2010